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Who are we?

Your friend, your guide and your partner in the journey of parenting. Parenting is one of the greatest joys in one’s life that fills it with love, cuddles, bonding & happiness. But it also fills our minds with a million doubts and questions about our child’s wellbeing, development, and happiness, no matter what age they are at.


What are we solving?

  • Diminishing impact of schooling
  • Increasing screen-times
  • Fundamental skills like conversational abilities, handwriting, working with numbers
  • What activities can I make my child do?
  • How do I connect & bond better with my child?

The challenges that parenting brings along are unique to each child. In these unfolding times, having expert advice and the right products at the right time can be invaluable to your child’s future and help us become the parents that our children deserve. This is where Young Labs comes into the picture. YoungLabs is an initiative by a parent to support fellow parents and make their lives a tad bit easier with the correct products, services & consultations from experts in the field of education, psychology and skill-building for kids.